Goldtouch Comfort Mouse KOV-GTM-RThe Goldtouch Comfort Mouse is designed from the ground up to give the wrists, hands, and fingers a well-deserved upgrade for mousing comfort. Designed to mirror the hand in a weightless environment, the unique shape of this ergonomic mouse ensures that the hand is well supported and the wrist tilted at a 24-degree angle. This gentle tilt of hand and wrist helps to alleviate pressure on tendons and joints. It also supports the natural position of the arm.

In addition, each Goldtouch Comfort Mouse features an oversized thumb cushion to ensure that hands of every size maintain a comfortable grip on the mouse without increasing the pressure applied by the thumb – allowing fingers of all sizes to click without stretching or bending in awkward or uncomfortable positions. Each Goldtouch Comfort Mouse is PC and Mac Compatible. In addition, the easy-to-use plug and play technology doesn’t require any additional driver installation. Furthermore, the mouse is available in right-handed, left-handed, and wireless varieties, all of which are available at our online store. You can also download the complete product data sheet here.

KOV-GTM-L Goldtouch Comfort Mouse


The Comfort Mouse is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Mac OS 10.4 and newer. Simply plug and play (no driver installation required).


Our mouse has the perfect curves to reduce stress on your pressure points. In addition, the 24 degree angle helps make your mousing experience a comfortable one.

Cushion and Grip:

Our oversized thumb cushion lets hands of every size maintain a comfortable grip without increasing the pressure applied by the thumb.

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