Man is working while sitting at desk computer hunch
The Hunchback of Notre Dame wouldn’t be nearly as lonely a figure today as he was back in the 1400s. Just take a look around your office. From reception to the executive suite, you’re bound to spot a sea of hunched backs as your colleagues struggle to navigate suboptimal workspaces. Some call it computer hunch, others call it vulture hunch. Neither is flattering. There are many culprits to blame, from desks that aren’t at the right height to chairs that don’t provide enough lumbar support. However, the largest share of the blame should be reserved for the keyboard.

How your Keyboard Contributes to Computer Hunch

Regular keyboards or those that come attached to a laptop or tablet may look pretty, but their flat layout forces your wrists into an unnatural splayed position. This is obviously bad for the wrists themselves. It increases the risk of developing a Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) like carpal tunnel syndrome. Combine the problem of hands that are too close together with a keyboard placed too far out of reach, and the shoulders are naturally forced together. In turn, this leads to — you guessed it — computer hunch.

A split keyboard addresses all of these problems by allowing you to find the right wrist angle for you both horizontally and vertically. This alleviates tension in your wrists. Additionally, when paired with a keyboard tray or other height intervention, it also allows you to move your keyboard into the proper distance for you. This keeps your arms comfortably by your sides and rolling your shoulders back into their ideal position.

There’s much more to split keyboards than just this. We highly recommend giving this article, Avoid Computer-Caused Neck and Shoulder Strain , a read for a deeper look at just why split keyboards are a favorite for lifehackers and office workers alike.

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