Have you ever wondered what an ergonomic keyboard is? What is their purpose, why do they look weird, how does it apply to me, and why should I care?

Those are all fair questions, and we are here to answer them all.

What is the purpose of an ergonomic keyboard?Ergonomic Keyboard Workstation Healthy Worker

An ergonomic keyboard is a keyboard that is designed to fit you (the user), rather than you having to adjust yourself to fit the keyboard. It should be designed to adjust to fit the vast majority of body types, rather than a static piece of equipment that only fits a small percentage of body types. You may ask, “well how do I know if an ergonomic keyboard is for me?” The answer is that if you use a computer, then an ergonomic keyboard is for you – it’s for everybody! The ergonomic keyboard is a tool used to input information, and using a standard keyboard for only 20 minutes per day can result in injuries.

Most people have never realized they are slowly injuring themselves each day by turning their wrists inward to fit to a flat keyboard. When users turn their wrists inward and start typing, RSI’s like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome start to develop because the wrists are kept in an unnatural position throughout the entire day.

Drop-in-the-box keyboards that come with laptop or desktop computer purchases aren’t developed with you in mind. They are developed to be as slim as possible and for the cheapest production cost. Goldtouch ergonomic keyboards on the other hand are designed to tent and splay to 30 degrees so each user can find their perfect angle that takes the pressure off of their wrists, forearms, and upper body.

The wrists should NOT be:

  • Bent inward (radial deviation)
  • Bent backwards (ulnar deviation),
  • Bent upwards (extension),
  • Bent downwards (flexion),
  • Rotated upwards (supination)
  • Rotated downwards (pronation).

Goldtouch keyboards are a great solution for workers who want or need to be in compliance with OSHA’s recommendations for ergonomic keyboards.

OSHA and NIOSH recommendations for ergonomic keyboards

Why do ergonomic keyboards look the way they do?

Goldtouch keyboards are able to tent and splay to 30 degrees on the horizontal and vertical planes through a patented ball and lever-locking mechanism. This is the reason they probably look a little unusual to people at first glance. However, they are designed to have a sleek professional look and look great in the office.

How does an ergonomic keyboard apply to me?

If you are taking the time to live a healthy lifestyle by eating right and exercising, but are still using a flat keyboard, you are doing yourself a disservice. Most people spend majority of their day at work on the computer or on a device in some regard. That is hours of compounded use engaging in unhealthy behavior. If your wrists don’t already hurt, they may eventually become a problem.  When they become really sore, surgery is usually the next option.

Why should I care about ergonomic keyboards?

An ergonomic keyboard is your best friend towards preventing a whole host of work-related pain. The keyboard is the item you most likely interact with most during the day, and an ergonomic keyboard will help to keep RSI’s at bay. Would you rather pay $90 for a keyboard or $5,000 for Carpal Tunnel Release surgery? That’s an easy answer.

An ergonomic keyboard is not a fad. It is a necessity in this day and age of technology to prevent pain and RSIs from developing. So many people have experienced relief by using ergonomic keyboards. James H. says, “This keyboard has been a godsend for me – my hands are 5 times better than they were before I started using this keyboard. I really can’t thank the Goldtouch people enough.”

We’d love for you to try a Goldtouch ergonomic keyboard and experience the difference today.

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